Snapcat: The Android app that lets your cat get the purrfect angle for a selfie

When a moving dot on-screen is swiped at it triggers the camera

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Capitalising on the name-recognition of messaging app Snapchat and adding to this the daring but canny suspicion that the internet might really like cats a new Android app has been released to help your feline friends take a decent selfie.

Named Snapcat the app consists of a moving laser dot on-screen that triggers your camera. Place your tablet or smartphone in front of any particularly narcissistic cat (that is to say, any cats) and when it moves to paw the dot – Snap! – a picture is automatically taken.

Although most people would think that such a stunningly well-pitched product would have taken years of development and millions in venture capitalist funding, Snapcat was actually pieced together in just 24 hours during the Berlin hackathon Photo Hack Day.  

Available for free from the Google Play app store once pictures are taken they can then be edited ( you wouldn’t let terrible white levels ruin a decent selfie) and then sent on via photo-sharing site EyeEm.

See below for an example of the app's handiwork courtesy of Snapcat themselves:

snapcat 2.jpg