Snapchat, which has 100 million daily active users, allows picture messages to vanish after seconds / Peter Macdiarmid/Getty

New version includes strange emoji trophy cabinet — which doesn’t seem to work at all

Snapchat has added new features, including letting people see who has been viewing their snaps, reducing the limit on emoji when sending a message — and a strange trophy cabinet that doesn’t seem to be working.

The update removes the restriction on putting emoji on top of a picture. Initially, users could only add such images in a text post, which meant that only one set could be placed on and had to be displayed next to each other.

But now a little page has appeared at the top of the screen which can be tapped to bring up a huge range of the little pictures. They can be selected, added to pictures, and then resized and moved around.

The tool also lets people see more easily who’s been looking at their Snapchat Stories, the public posts that can be seen by all followers. That data was previously only accessible by clicking on the story and using a special icon, but can now be seen with a much less complicated process.

Clicking on “My Story” will bring up a list of the people who have looked at the snap.

The “Trophy Case” is opened by heading to the profile page, by clicking the little figure at the top of the screen, and then pulling up one more level.

But at the time of writing, it just showed a strange set of seven emoji — four torches and three beer glasses. Clicking on any of them shows a new page saying “Send 10 Snaps with front facing flash on” and a picture of a beer glass, a loaf of bread and an aubergine.

There are no instructions for what exactly the trophy case does. It appears that users will be given emoji trophies for certain challenges, but that is not clear yet.

Snapchat already has similar gamification features, such as a score that gets increased as the app is used and a feature that shows information like who people talk to most, which also uses emoji.