Spotify launches live previews and swiping to save music

Feature is on iOS app from today, and other platforms ‘soon’

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Spotify has unveiled new features that will allow users to save music by swiping it, and preview songs.

Music can now be previewed by pressing and holding on any song, album, artist or playlist. The previews can be started while something else is playing, and when users lift their fingers off the track the preview will stop playing.

While playing music on Spotify is free and instant anyway — and so the new feature is less obvious than iTunes preview, which allows you to listen to tracks before buying them — the company claims that it will make constructing playlists easier and quicker by saving on clicks.

Music can also now be saved by swiping on tracks or albums. Swiping left on something will add it to Your Music, the app’s library of saved songs, and swiping right will add it to the queue for playing later.

The features are being rolled out to iOS users from today, and will be coming to other platforms “soon”, the company said.