A sample profile on Tickr / Tickr

Daniel Freeman wanted a site where profiles had to be more honest

A video-only dating app has being launched to give people a chance to “really get to know” someone special – and not be fooled by edited photographs.

Tickr is aiming to be the new Tinder, letting users upload videos of up to 30 seconds long that other people can “tick” for yes and “ick” if they are not interested.

Two people who tick each other can then message or have live video chats.

Its creator is Daniel Freeman, a 40-year-old from north London who found conventional dating websites misleading after his divorce two years ago.

He told the Evening Standard that two dates with women met online were not “very good experiences".

“Firstly, the women looked very different to their profile pictures and secondly, had clearly embellished the truth about themselves,” he said.

“They had different interests and were different to the person they had portrayed online.”


Mr Freeman believes video clips will make it difficult for prospective partners to “hide as much”, showing more personality without having to answer questions about themselves.

Basic information including users’ names, ages and heights is needed for profiles as well as their own “ticks” and “icks” – basic likes and dislikes.

In a sample profile, a 28-year-old man calling himself “JammieRolls” from Cornwall has posted videos of him barbecuing a sausage on the beach, on a rollercoaster and playing mini golf.

JoJoBelle1, 23, has videos of herself singing on the beach, at a karaoke night and playing in a children’s park.

The Tickr website is running here and an iPhone app is expected to be launched next week.

Membership costs £10 a month but the first 5,000 people can sign up for free.