This week's top YouTube gaming videos on Wednesday January 27 at 12:30 GMT witnessed a resurgence of Modern Warfare gameplay videos courtesy of the Machinima Respawn channel, as well as pre-release teasers for PC / Xbox 360 title Mass Effect 2 and PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

01) Call of Duty 4 - Kilplix Vs Ocelot • 379,963 total views
A video homage by PC gamer Kilplix to showcase the in-game skills of a
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player going by the name of Revolver Ocelot, as encountered over several rounds to Kilplix's amused frustration.

02) Heavy Rain Preview!!! • 326,394 total views
The videogames show Like Totally Awesome previews the intriguing new mystery thriller for PlayStation 3, Heavy Rain.

03) Taryn's Got What You Need! (Q6) • 282,957 total views
Like Totally Awesome's weekly show The Quad features viewers' reviews of the film Lovely Bones, the classy new retro-themed PC platformer VVVVVV, a rapid review of the Wii version of 1994 arcade game Fast Draw Showdown, and Serious Sam HD.

04) Modern Warfare 2: Camp Hutch with TheMoodieSwede • 278,857 total views
Machinima's gameplay channel, Machinima Respawn, presents the second Camp Hutch video where the host Hutch and 16-year old Modern Warfare 2 ace Bobby aka TheMoodieSwede discuss Xbox Live in-game chat and stereotypes as experienced by Americans and the British.

05) Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer • 302,788 total views
BioWare's big new space opera launches on PC and Xbox 360 in the week that the game trailer flies high in the YouTube top 10. 10's the magic number here as the title's already picked up a host of perfect scores on review aggregator Metacritic.

06) Blood Queen Lana'thel vs Adept • 219,686 total views
A team of World of Warcraft players take on the Blood-Queen, boss of the game's new Icecrown Citadel section, and win.

07) Modern Warfare 2: Hutch - How To Not Suck At MW2 • 240,801 total views
Hutch from the Machinima Respawn channel narrates a guide on advanced gameplay tactics, staying calm and focussed, and making the best of a bad situation.

08) Modern Warfare 2: BlameTruth Free For All 5 (UMP .45) Booster Hunter • 237,177 total views
Modern Warfare 2 player BlameTruth talks through one of his gameplay videos and advises on how to play against users who boost their points tally by unconventional means.

09) Modern Warfare 2: SeaNanners Team Deathmatch on Rundown: Flawless • 270,829 total views
Machinima Respawn presenter SeaNanners comments on a replay of one of his gameplay rounds, covering the use of Modern Warfare 2's airdrop function, the enjoyability of team co-operation, and on finding a winning formula.

10) Modern Warfare 2: Optic Nation Top 5 Kill Cams of The Week Special Edition • 204,742 total views
Named the Top 5 but in fact this special edition is a top 10 of the week, recapping some of the best round-winning knife throws as chosen by Optic Nation for Machinima Respawn.