People watch the eclipse of the sun through a colander, over the Eden Project near St Austell in Cornwall

Looking straight at the sun during the event could cook your retinas

It might be too late to grab some glasses to watch the eclipse — and they’re very expensive anyway — but you can still safely watch the eclipse using items you can find in your home or office.

Looking straight at the sun during the eclipse can cause lasting damage. So it’s important that while you watch it, you protect your eyes. The best way to stay safe is to make a pinhole projector. That shows an image of the eclipse on a piece of card, so that you can watch a safe projection rather than the thing itself.

The most obvious way of doing that is to use two sheets of paper. Create a hole in one, and hold the other in front of you — stand with the sun behind you and let the light shine through the hole and onto the paper.

clipse.jpg You can do the same using a colander. The holes in the colander will also work like the pinhole, projecting small, safe versions of the eclipse onto paper or another surface.

You can also look at a safe version by reflecting the light onto something else. You can use a mirror to project the image of the sun onto the floor or elsewhere.

Again, make a small hole in a piece of paper and put it across the mirror. You’ll then be able to use that to create a reflection of the eclipse that can be safely viewed.