Vodafone 'working hard' to resolve intermittent outages of its mobile phone services

Customers take to social media to vent their anger

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Vodafone customers were hit by intermittent outages of text messages and other mobile phone services on Thursday.

The company said that the problem was not affecting all customers and it was “working hard” to resolve it.

But that did not stop customers from taking to Twitter to vent their anger about the problems.

Chloe April Smith said in a Tweet: “Um Vodafone, excuse me but why are my texts not working? Screw you and your network problems. Whatsapp > Text anyways. #sulk”

Courtney-Jayne tweeted: “Thanks Vodafone for being down for the past few hours! Been cut off from the world!”

And Iain Peacock quipped: “I wonder if @VodafoneUK would mind if I had intermittent payment issues.”

However the firm also had its defenders.

“Think am the only person on Vodafone who isn't having problems,” Kirsty Blandford tweeted.

The company issued notices to companies and other customers warning about the problem.

It said in a statement that “some customers may be experiencing intermittent issues when using their phone”.

“The issue will not affect all customers and we're working hard to resolve this,” it added. “We apologise for any inconvenience.”

A spokesman was unable to say how many people had been affected.