A glimpse in Twitter's search facility suggests that – thanks to everything from its role in the sub-prime crisis to its British tax concerns and big bonuses – Goldman Sachs might not be the most popular corporate entity online.

Sample tweets yesterday included: "Is there anything more wretched in this world than a Goldman Sachs banker?" and "Goldman Sachs and the FED are on the same team. The team of ripping off the working poor blind."

It's no wonder then that the reaction to the news that GS is recruiting a social media community manager was greeted with hundreds of people asking: "Is this the hardest job in the world?" Sure, spinning online for a company as widely disliked as Goldman might be a fool's errand – but, well... think of the bonus.

On the other hand, it's about time GS established itself properly online. So far the very unofficial @GSElevator, an account that purports to tweet chats overheard in the firm's lifts, has 250,000 followers while the official GS account (tweets so far: 0) has a measly 3,500.