We asked live chat help services the biggest existential questions

They freaked Descartes' nut, but does HTC have the answer?

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Live Chat is a pretty convenient way of getting through to a 'real human being' when you have a technical problem, but do representatives bosses actually let them behave like human beings with their own thoughts and feelings?

I was bored and decided to quiz some of the biggest companies in the world on unsolved philosophical problems. Here's how I got on.


Shut down pretty quickly. Establishing some meaning in this unknowable soup of atoms is obviously not high on its list of priorities.



Looked promising when I was passed on to another agent, but despite its 'chill bro' personality Apple were having none of it.



I tried to make it relative to the business, but another dead end. Terrell sounded like he was ready for the big talk too, shame on you, controlling UPS bosses.



Well goddamn. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer was willing to take a stab at a problem that's puzzled us for millennia, siding with Descartes and his 'I think, therefore I am' argument.



Netflix is renowned for good customer service and didn't let me down. Not only did Ed point out the subjectivity of experience but, he related it back to Netflix too! Bravo, Ed.