Alex Kipman, who led the invention of Microsoft's hologram headset, at the Windows 10 launch / Microsoft

Microsoft wants users to wait for a little notification to appear, but there’s a way around it

Microsoft has launched an incredibly easy way for people to cut the wait to get Windows 10, letting them just download the operating system directly.

The company has said that users should sign up using the little “Get Windows 10” icon that should appear in their system trays, and wait for a notification telling them their computer is ready. But despite the operating system launching yesterday, that could take weeks in practise — and there’s an easy way to get around it.

To get the system, you can just head to Microsoft’s website and download the “Media Creation Tool”. Opening that application gives users the option to upgrade the PC or another one, and then sets up the computer and gets it ready.

The setup application will ask a few questions — what you'd like to keep on the computer, and whether you agree to the lengthy terms and conditions — before giving you access to your newly-upgraded PC.

Windows 10’s official release date was July 29 — but Microsoft is staggering the release so that it can check whether computers can support the new operating system. However, all computers that supported Windows 7 and 8 should be able to run Windows 10.

Whether you use the installer or not, it’s important to ensure that all computers are properly prepared for the upgrade. That includes updating all of the PC’s drivers and taking a full backup, in case anything goes wrong.

Windows is free to most users until July 30, 2016.