Microsoft exec Terry Myerson launches Windows 10 / Microsoft

Live updates from Microsoft’s launch event

Microsoft is set to unveil the new version of Windows today — with a refreshed look and a host of new features. This is the latest news about the launch:

  • Event will be livestreamed, beginning at 5PM GMT, from Microsoft’s home in Washington
  • First major update since the widely-disliked Windows 8 — Microsoft missed Windows 9 out entirely, for reasons that are still slightly unclear
  • The start menu is set to return, after protests from users
  • New operating system expected to include new streamlined browser, codenamed Spartan
  • Voice assistant, known as Cortana, also expected to make its desktop debut
  • Microsoft expected to outline its hopes for one platform — a new Windows that will work on the tiniest phones to the biggest TVs
  • Gaming updates set to be announced with a guest appearance by the head of Xbox. Phil Spencer who runs the gaming division has said that the company hopes to announce the “best operating system we’ve ever created for gamers”





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Windows 10 scheduled for launch later this year, and it’s unclear how much it will cost — but some people have been using early versions of the software already