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O2 and Tesco Mobile engage in Twitter rap battle, world looks the other way

The battle was thankfully declared a 'friendly' as Tesco Mobile are a re-seller of O2's network
  • @jjvincent

When we complain about ‘corporations being people’ we’re usually talking about legalistic oversight or the intrusion of corporate interests in politics. However, in the modern age of ‘relatable’ brands and social media-driven advertising the phrase has taken on a newer, more harrowing meaning.

A new low was achieved by the ‘let’s anthropomorphise our brand’ brigade yesterday as the Twitter accounts for 02 and Tesco Mobile launched into … a rap battle.

The Daily Dot have traced the cause of this terrible event back to a Twitter user goading the two telecom companies - or whoever it is that runs their Twitter accounts - into competition.

What followed was doubtless some of the wittiest and most lyrically dextrous freestyle lines ever delivered by two large multi-national companies mawkishly attempting to endear themselves to an unwilling public.

You can click through the gallery at the top of the page to get a proper taste of the exchange. It's difficult reading, but probably good preparation for the dystopic future we're currently headed towards; one where our online world is entirely populated by brands, cheerily engaging in great 'banter' and 'jokes' with each other whilst the world falls apart.