Panasonic has revealed its new games console, a portable machine with a full keyboard, designed to court fans of MMO games. Battlestar Galactica Online, an upcoming role-playing game based on the hit TV series, is being touted as a key title for 'The Jungle'.

The bare-bones reveal on MTV, tech news site Gizmodo, and via is light on detailing the devices' specifications, but it is believed that The Jungle will sport an HDMI port, indicating substantial graphics capabilities.

Panasonic has also teamed up with Machinima to create an animated series called Online Underground. The first episode, available now, mentions the role-playing game RuneScape which, in common with Battlestar Galactica Online, is playable via web browsers.

Panasonic's previous attempt at entering the console gaming market was its involvement in 1991's ill-fated 3DO. However, its experience with MMOs is slightly more illustrious - 1995's Meridian 59 is now considered to be the first of many massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

Despite its apparent specialization, The Jungle will have to contend with the mass market success of the  Apple iPhone and the Google-backed Android handset, as well as new offerings from established competitors such as Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's rumored PSP2.