Jonny Greenwood, who has composed film soundtracks and classical works as well as being integral to Radiohead's 25-year, Grammy award-winning career, revealed his current favorite video games on the band's website.

His list reveals an appreciation of video game classics which are as well-known for their aesthetic charms as their gameplay and storylines.

ICO was a PlayStation 2 game about a boy and a girl escaping from a labyrinthine castle, and its designer has recently expressed interest in giving it a graphical make-over for the PlayStation 3, leading to rumors of an update due early in 2011.

The list also reveals a preference Apple Macs over Windows-based PCs.

Marathon was one of the first games developed by Bungie Studios, who are now famous for the Halo series that has done so well on the Xbox and Xbox 360.

The Half Life games, first made as PC games, have also recently been released for Mac via the online retailer Steam, which is how Greenwood's post on can list his preferred platforms for the series as Mac and PlayStation 3.

While the list stretches all the way back to 1984 with the enormously influential Elite, there's also room for May 2010's Red Dead Redemption. Though ICO may be the all-time favorite, it's certainly Red Dead that's now taking up day-to-day gaming time.

Jonny Greenwood's video game chart
Braid (360, Mac, Windows PC, PS3)
Cave Story (Mac, PC, Wii, and others)
Elite (BBC Micro and others)
Goldeneye (N64)
Half Life series (360, Mac, PC, PS3, and others)
Marathon (Mac)
Red Dead Redemption (360, PS3)
Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64, Wii)
Zelda Twighlight Princess (GameCube, Wii)

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