'Rocksmith' to challenge 'Rock Band' with educational riffs

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Ubisoft is preparing to take on Rock Band 3 with Rocksmith, an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 music game that uses real electric guitars instead of plastic instruments.

The game, expected September 2011, will come with a gadget that plugs into an electric guitar's jack so that Rocksmith can keep up with player progress.

Interpol, the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, the Black Keys and the Animals are among the nearly 45 artists anticipated to appear in-game, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone magazine.

Though both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series make use of instrument-shaped peripherals, 2010's Rock Band 3 was explicit in its desire to teach transferable musical skills.

The most sophisticated guitar controllers could also function as standalone instruments, its branded keyboard was also fully operational, and an optional MIDI adaptor allowed use of compatible apparatus - even drum kits.

Harmonix, the maker of Rock Band 3, is concentrating resources on creating a sequel to the more successful Dance Central, and Activision shelved Guitar Hero in what is believed to be its own pursuit of the dance genre.