Brink's second tutorial vignette instructs would-be freedom fighters and law enforcers in the arts of destruction, hacking, VIP escorts and flipping between different objectives at will.

With multiple mission objectives to choose from, players and teams can choose which ones to prioritize in a bid to gain ground and outsmart their opponents.

Machine gun nests can be repaired, command posts seized, and equipment taken from one place to another while firefights rage.

Some objectives are specific to different types of characters - only Operatives can complete hacking tasks, while Engineers are privy to construction and repair missions.

The focus on objective-based teamwork is similar to that of fellow first-person shooters Battlefield: Bad Company 2, modern classic Team Fortress 2, and the very recent Section 8: Prejudice.

Brink is released on May 10 in North America (May 13 in Europe) on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

That date sees it hit the streets a week after L.A. Noire (backed by the Grand Theft Auto group Rockstar Games) and the PC version of budget-priced Section 8: Prejudice, already available on Xbox 360.

Watch the Brink trailer "Get Smart 02" at or on the game's official wesbite,