Show Me The Games corrals quality indie titles

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A new website that showcases some of the best independently made games has sprung up, making it all the easier to find creative, imaginative and fun titles for PC, Mac and Linux that are - at least for now - exclusive to the web.

Visitors to the site are shown a random selection of Show Me The Games' hand-picked gems, with links to free trials and official websites.

Each time the page is reloaded, it shuffles the pack and brings them back in a different order, letting each game have its time at the top.

Among the roster are World of Goo (10/10 GameShark, 9/10 Eurogamer), Mr. Robot (9/10 Dark Zero, 7.9/10 IGN), Aaaaa! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (9/10 GamesRadar, 8/10 Armchair Empire) and Eschalon: Book II (9/10 HonestGamers, 8/10 GameReactor).

"It's like having the advertising and catalog clout of a portal, yet we are still independent, all taking 100% of the sale price," explains SMTG founder Cliff Harris, whose own Gratuitous Space Battles is also on the list.

Though the site is in a basic, barebones form for the moment, there are plans to add competitions and discount offers in the future.

Like the online show, the news site, and the goldmine of games picked out at, Show Me The Games is another publicity boost for the vibrant indie games community.