Specs and photos of 3D mobile phone, coming to stores soon

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Images and specifications of Samsung's first 3D-enabled phone have been leaked on the internet. The phone, known as the AMOLED 3D (SCH-W960), is a new type of device that can display content in 3D without the use of special glasses.   

According to the information on Samsung-centric blog Samsung Hub and Russian mobile blog Mobile-Review, the touchscreen device has a special button that enables users to swap from viewing 2D to 3D images.

The high-tech phone also uses accelerometer gestures to control actions. For instance, if you wanted to mute the sound of an incoming call without touching a button, you would turn the phone upside down.

Other features are similar to what you would expect on a smartphone these days - a 3.2 inch display with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1, multitasking, microSD card support for up to 16GB of memory, and standard corporate user interface via TouchWiz 2.0. In addition to the standard features there is also a built-in TV receiver.

According to the two blogs, the phone is set to be released in South Korea "soon" and will be available on SK Telecom, Korea Telecom and LG Telecom.

For more pictures and info head to Samsung Hub: http://www.samsunghub.com/2010/05/05/more-pictures-and-specs-of-amoled-3d-phone-sch-w960/

or the translated version of Mobile-Review: