There's a new App in town that adds a twist to the standard Twitter interface. Super Twario takes Twitter's vertical scroll and turns it into a horizontal platform game, in which the Twario bunny can jump on tweets and bash avatar blocks to send messages.

With music that makes it a fluffy, chilled-out riff on Super Mario, Super Twario also has full integration with Apple's Game Center, creating plenty of opportunity for high scores to be compared between friends.

Increasing amounts of points are awarded for actions such as sending tweets, getting mentions, followers or replies, and re-tweeting.

There are also Achievements to be gained - some reward steady use of the Super Twario app, while others are given for writing short or overlong tweets.

The $1.99 / €1.59 Super Twario app joins other games that incentivize the use of Twitter or various daily routines.

Tweet Defense mashes up Twitter activity with the popular Tower Defense genre that includes Plants vs Zombies and Fieldrunners.

Twirdie is a web-based golf game that bases the strength of a swing on the popularity of a word across the Twitter service.

EpicWin is an app that turns to-do lists into a role playing game - ChoreWars does the same for PC users.