Surprise initiated: Steam Network and Portal 2 on PlayStation 3

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Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, took to the stage during Sony's presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo to announce that not just Portal 2 but also the Steam Network will come to PlayStation 3.

Newell's company had teased fans and pundits in the weeks leading up to the Expo by first replacing a scheduled press conference with a "surprise", and then cancelling the surprise.

Gabe also enthused about PlayStation 3 users being able to enjoy benefits of the Steam Network that are already available to gamers that use PC and Mac computers.

The sequel to the multi-award winning Portal is currently due to be released in 2011, after the initial late 2010 target was pushed back in order to polish the finished gameplay experience.

It is also being developed for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360.