Team Fortress 2's mad medic and Black Ops' new Zombie map featured among the most viewed videos on YouTube's gaming channel for the week ending June 30.

T eam Fortress 2 dropped its price to zero on a permanent basis this week, an event accompanied by another comical character introduction for one of nine classes available - the Medic.

League of Legends, a top three regular, profiles the latest in a rotating roster of champions and pips the new Call of Duty trailer which lies in fourth.

Shangri-La is the Zombies map contained within the Annihilation map pack, released for Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops on June 28.

Monkeys, zombies, and World War II meet in a hail of bullets amidst clearings and caves that surround an ancient shrine. There are new types of weapons, zombies, and traps - it's all very Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Minecraft makes a couple of appearances, thanks to the release of two inventive user modifications for the game.

Better than Wolves is a comprehensive overhaul (and a cheeky pop at the latest official update), while Kataminey Damacraft is an homage to the crazy object collection of Katamari Damacy.

YouTube's most viewed (all-time views in brackets)
1) Team Fortress 2: Meet the Medic (3,694,335)
2) Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play (916,079)
3) League of Legends - Yorick (885,901)
4) Shangri-La Zombies Gameplay! New Baby Gun! (568,153)
5) Minecraft - "Better Than Wolves" mod (543,815)
6) New! Call of Duty rap! Annihilation Map Pack 3! (542,723)
7) Summoner Showcase - Issue #34 (538,396)
8) Saints Row: The Third - Gameplay trailer (511,824)
9) Naa nana na-na na-na Kataminey Damacraft (492,251)
10) Black Ops: Personal Growth (425,500)