The world’s smallest 3D digital still cameras

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Sony's newest Cyber-shot cameras, the DSC-TX9 and the DSC-WX5, are the world's smallest 3D cameras.

They are the first in Sony's range to utilize a single-lens, 3D Sweep Panorama system to capture stereoscopic images and have features that let you view simulated 3D images on the camera's LCD screen.

"Sony is focused on being the leader in 3D technology, leveraging its expertise to create the best 3D products, content and unique entertainment experiences," said Kelly Davis, director of the digital imaging business at Sony Electronics on July 8.

Using a "press-and-sweep" motion, budding photographers can capture detail-packed panoramic photos, which are then automatically processed and stitched together into a 3D image.

The images taken with the cameras can be viewed in 3D on compatible 3D TVs with the help of 3D-compatible HDMI cables and 3D glasses.

Sony has also developed a Sweep Multi Angle feature that lets you "view images moving in simulated 3D right on the cameras' LCD screen by tilting the camera back and forth. This new shooting feature captures 15 images at different angles and then compiles them into one photo, creating a 3D-like effect on the display."

The TX9 comes with a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen and a 4x (25-100mm) wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens while the WX5 has a 2.8 inch LCD touchscreen and a 5x (24-120mm) Sony G lens.

Both models capture full 1920x1080 HD video and 12.2 megapixel images.

Sony is a full year behind Fujifilm in the 3D camera race. Fujifilm released the world's first 3D consumer cameras, the FinePix Real 3D W1 and the FinePix Real 3D V1, in September 2009.

In May Sharp showed off a 3D camera system destined to be integrated into mobile phones and small, portable devices.

LG is also hoping to bring 3D technology to portable devices in the near future. In June the company revealed it had been working on glasses-free 3D for portable devices.

The TX9 and WX5 cameras will be available online from retail in September. The TX9 is priced at $400, the WX5 at $300.