The worst UK broadband areas have slower internet speeds than Mount Everest base camp

Mount Everest base camp has an average internet speed of 2Mbps

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The worst place in the UK for broadband is the village of Miserden in Gloucestershire where the internet speed is lower than base camp at Mount Everest.

With an average broadband speed of 1.30Mbps, Miserden is beaten by the Himalayan mountain post whose average speed is 2Mbps.

For comparison, the average speed in London is 25Mbps.

In Miserden, it would take 11 hours to download James Bond film 'Spectre' in HD. 

Runners up in the report were Ashwell in Hertfordshire (1.39Mbps), Ulverston in Cumbria (1.45Mbps), Gilsland in Cumbria (1.86Mbps) and Brent Knoll in Somerset (1.99Mbps).

Dan Howdle,'s telecoms expert said: "While the number of UK households on the right side of the 'digital divide' is increasing, thanks to the continuing roll-out of superfast broadband, those left stranded are finding themselves further and further behind – to the detriment of both themselves and their local economies.

"It’s not all about whether or not you can stream the latest Bond movie."

The best broadband in the UK was found to be Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire with an average speed of 77.17 Mbps and a highest recorded speed of 195.02Mbps.

This was followed by Shepshed in Leicestershire (66.34Mbps), Llantwit Major in Glamorgan (66.27Mbps), Guisgorough in Cleveland (61.43) and Springburn in Glasgow (60.27Mbps).

In 2015, the UK government declared everyone would be guaranteed a minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps.

Howdle added: "Digital black holes, unless addressed, will suffer steady economic decline as homes become less desirable, and businesses can no longer sustain themselves without an online presence.

"These often beautiful, scenic locations will become ghost towns."