The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on November 30.

1. Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12" razor blades - a video of MythBusters' Adam Savage talking about his pre-flight experience with airport security.

2. Leslie Nielsen Dead At 84 - an article announcing the death of Canadian-born actor and comedian Leslie Nielsen.

3. President Obama: Stop the Searches or I'm Voting Against You - an article calling on America's President to stop the enhanced "pat down" searches at airports.

4. Sarah Palin Doesn't Know the Difference Between North and South Korea - a political article that shames American politician Sarah Palin for (among other things) her statement, "But obviously, we've got to stand with our North Korean allies."

5. Report: N. Korea fires on S. Korea, injuring at least 6 - - CNN's report on the increasing tension between North and South Korea.