Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: Ninja takes over from Mario

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Ryu Hayabusa of the Ninja Gaiden series sprays ninja stars all over Super Mario Bros' cutesy Mushroom Kingdom and becomes the most watched gaming video on YouTube of the week on Wednesday June 2 at 6:00pm UTC.

The final match of a month-long Starcraft II tournament takes second place, while a trailer for a PC testing program comes in third.

Elsewhere, Machinima Respawn offer up another clutch of Modern Warfare 2 videos and CollegeHumor satirize the game's warnings about disturbing content, Guild Wars takes a light-hearted approach to banning cheaters, and there's a sneak peek of Killzone 3.

1) Super Mario Bros. Crossover - Ryu Hayabusa Trailer - 493,491 total views
2) HDH Invitational - IdrA vs WhiteRa - FINALS - 309,429 total views
3) 3DMark 11 "Deep Sea" Tech Demo - 359,707 total views
4) Bay Area Starcraft Lan! - 339,122 total views
5) Modern Warfare 2 Warning Extended - 293,053 total views
6) Modern Warfare 2: 83-2 with the Spas by Sandy Ravage - 352,581 total views
7) Modern Warfare 2: Booster Justice 3 by TheSandyRavage - 266,257 total views
8) How bots get banned in Guild Wars - 219,439 total views
9) kz3.mp4 (Killzone 3 peek) - 206,309 total views
10) Half-Life 2 for Mac Commercial - 201,350 total views