Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: 'StarCraft II,' 'The Sims 3,' and Capcom

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The July 27 launch of StarCraft II dominated YouTube's gaming video chart on Thursday, July 29, as the extended trailer reached almost 4 million views in just over a week.

The original StarCraft was released in 1998 and a devoted following kept it alive in the 12 years since while developers Blizzard concentrated on maintaining and expanding World of Warcraft.

Strategy title StarCraft II contrasts with World of Warcraft's role-playing fantasy - instead of controlling one character and teaming up with other players, the sci-fi StarCraft series puts players in charge of creating and commanding entire armies as fictitious future races battle for resources.

The Sims is another of the world's most popular PC franchises, and The Sims 3 has not been shy in rolling out expansion packs for the main game, with Late Night the most recently announced and due for a late October release.

The caricatured behavior of the game's inhabitants is then parodied by College Humor, who take a look at a medical emergency presided over by a "Sim Doctor."

According to YouTube's metrics, the Late Night trailer was most popular with men between 13 and 17 years of age, and women between 13 and 24. By contrast, Halo Reach's newest video, showing off the game's huge map editor, attracted males between 13 and 34.

Elsewhere, Capcom's announcements at the San Diego Comic-Con between July 22-25 have an impact as new trailers for the Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken crossovers appear in fourth and fifth place respectively.

College Humor pops up with a review of the iPad's gaming capacity, taking a glance at Uno, Wikihunt, Labyrinth 2, Ocean Blue, Scrabble and Bruce Lee; a countdown of beautiful women who play video games is split over two videos; and new channel The Game Station announces its intentions to become "the ESPN of internet gaming" - though they'll have to get past Machinima Respawn first.

1) StarCraft II - Ghosts of the Past - 3,887,793 total views
2) The Sims 3 Late Night Trailer - 479,322 total views
3) Halo: Reach ViDoc - Forge World - 491,105 total views
4) Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Comic-Con Character Reveals! - 347,384 total views
5) Street Fighter X Tekken Debut Trailer - 539,451 total views
6) Doctor Sim - 292,689 total views
7) 9 Hottest Girls who Play Videogames - 272,247 total views
8) Top 9 Hottest Gamer Girls EVAR - PART 2 - 277,991 total views
9) The Game Station Announcement!! - 405,651 total views
10) Bleep Bloop: iPad Games - 250,447 total views