Top new tech products: new iMacs, BlackBerry Bold Touch, QWERTY keyboard for iPhone

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High-tech product releases announced the week ending May 4 include the BlackBerry Bold Touch, new iMacs, a touchsensitive all-in-one desktop PC from MSI, a keyboard that's built for the iPhone, contract-free Android media players, and luxury in-wall speakers.

Touchsensitive BlackBerry smartphones
Research In Motion (RIM) unveiled two new smartphones that feature the company's much-loved keyboard, a new touchsensitive screen and RIM's latest smartphone operating system, (OS) BlackBerry 7 OS. The BlackBerry Bold Touch aka the 9900 (HSPA+) and 9930 (CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and HSPA+ global roaming on GSM/UMTS) smartphones keep the iconic keyboard and screen design but add an iPhone 4-like brushed stainless steel frame, a slim 10.5mm profile and NFC connectivity. The 9900 and 9930 BlackBerry Bold Touch will be available in selected countries in June or July. Pricing has not been announced.

Thunderously-fast all-in-one desktops
The latest version of Apple’s popular all-in-one iMac desktop computer has been upgraded with powerful new features and high-speed connectivity. The new iMac is the first desktop machine to feature Thunderbolt I/O connectivity, a high-speed USB-like data transfer technology. Additional enhancements under the hood include faster quad-core Intel Core i5 processors, new AMD Radeon HD graphics processors ("the most powerful graphics seen in an all-in-one desktop," says Apple) and a built-in FaceTime HD camera for video calls. The 21.5-inch iMac is priced from $1,199, the 27-inch version from $1,699. Both are available now.

An all-in-one desktop PC that likes to be touched
MSI’s all-in-one desktop PC, the Wind Top AE2070, ships with a 20-inch touchsensitive display. The compact desktop PC is equipped with MSI’s propriety "Wind Touch 4" smart user interface for touch-enhanced Windows-based computing. It also sports a dual-core Intel Core i3-2100 processor, a 500GB hard disk, a 0.3MP webcam and two USB 3.0 ports. No word on release dates or pricing.

A full-sized QWERTY keyboard built for the iPhone, iPod
The Wow-Keys keyboard from CompuExpert is a keyboard-dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The specially designed keyboard doubles as a custom-made docking station for syncing and charging your idevice and comes with 12 hotkeys for the iPhone. The keyboard can be used to easily input text on the iPod/iPhone (or PC) while also allowing you to use the idevice as a multitouch input for your computer. The Wow-Keys keyboard will be available on May 24 for $99.99.

Smart Android mobile entertainment devices

Positioned between a smartphone and a tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 smart players (previously known as Samsung Galaxy Player) offer multitouch computing, internet browsing and thousands of Android apps without a long-term phone contract. Like Samsung's Galaxy S, the two devices are built on the Android 2.2 Froyo platform. They feature a 1GHz processor, VoIP video and audio communication, plus rich video and audio experiences. Pricing and availability has not been announced.

Luxury in-wall speakers that tilt to offer the ultimate listening position
The BeoVox 2 passive in-wall speakers from Bang & Olufsen are designed to be discreetly hidden away in your walls or ceiling. The speakers can be manually rotated or angled up to 45 degrees to direct sound to a specific listening position. The speakers come in two configurations: the 3" BeoVox 2.1 (€782) and the 5" BeoVox 2.2 (€926).