Online racing game Trackmania 2 Canyon will offer a multiplayer beta to those who pre-order the game, with access available from August 17 onwards.

That's the same date that Gamescom starts, so expect to see Ubisoft tout Trackmania 2 along with Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Driver: San Francisco, and Rayman Origins.

There'll be organized tournaments for Trackmania 2 Canyon, as it's already found a place among the Electronic Sports League's roster of games.

Trackmania 2 Canyon is going to cost $24.99/£19.99, with other currencies to be announced.

Using a system that lets players run simultaneous time trials without crashing into each other, Trackmania 2 might not have the realism of PC alternatives iRacing or rFactor.

Instead, it offers loops, banks, fantasy tracks, course creation and sharing, and a swarm of vehicles joyously hurling themselves over each bump and jump.