In a July 20 statement, Google announced it will soon shut down its experimental projects site Google Labs in an attempt to prioritize and streamline its product efforts.

Google Labs is home to many of Google's "wild and crazy ideas" like current Labs favorites Google Goggles, Art Project, Body and Listen. It was also the birthplace of products such as Google Maps and Google Docs.

Twitter users around the globe are voicing their disappointment, tweeting, "Wow, Google has shut down Google Labs. Larry Page is not messing around: 1st a re-org, then tying bonuses to social and now this core focus," "Just learned on Google + that they're shuttering Google Labs. First need for '-1'......," "Wow, this came totally unexpected to me. Most of Googles greatest products cam from the Lab," and "Google Labs is closing? If they ditch Google Listen for Android, I will personally hunt down the person responsible and set fire to him."

The top three places in Twitter's list of trending topics is taken by the hashtags "#everybodyhasthat1follower," "#wewontlastif" and "#its2hot4that."

The American TV show " Hell Date" features in fifth place, defunct all-girl pop group "Spice Girls" is in sixth place and "Goodnight Twitter" is back in the chart in ninth place.

A new song by Jay-Z and Kanye West called "Otis" pays tribute to Otis Redding and is garnering fans on and off Twitter.   

Twitter users are getting excited about the climb to the summit of "Galibier" during stage 18 of the Tour de France and are celebrating the formation of a new Japanese music label called "Ygex."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 21 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #everybodyhasthat1follower (new)
  2. #wewontlastif (new)
  3. #its2hot4that (new)
  4. Ygex (new)
  5. Hell Date (new)
  6. Spice Girls (new)
  7. Otis (new)
  8. Galibier (new)
  9. Goodnight Twitter (re-entry)
  10. Google Labs (new)