Social network users have been blamed for much of the organized looting that has taken place during the violent riots in London, but many Twitterers are now trying to put a stop to the madness by organizing clean-ups via Twitter. 

Along with tweets about where to meet to help clean up the streets of London, Tweeps are using the “#riotcleanup” hashtag to post: “The #riotcleanup hashtag is much closer to what social networking is about than murky riot organisation,” “Last night I was angry and ashamed of violence in our city. This morning, #riotcleanup makes me proud to be a Londoner” and “I do hope that if I was in London now I'd be as good & brave & kind as all those who are agreeing to meet & help clean up #RiotCleanup.”

Microbloggers are posting links to a Riot Clean Up website and @Riotcleanup Twitter account that have been set up to help with the clean-up.

“#prayforlondon” has also started trending on the morning of August 9 as people from around the world “pray for the protection of lives and properties in London, and Peace in the UK.”

Twitter users are showing their disapproval of comments made by British Home Secretary “Teresa May” in light of the riots.

Organizers of the Australian music festival Soundwave Revolution confirmed the festival has officially been canceled after rumors started spreading on Twitter. The cancelation took place after an unannounced co-headlining band (rumored to be Limp Bizkit) pulled out at the last minute.  

“#TheHelpMovie” is promoted at the top of Twitter’s most talked about topics list and “#WhyAreYou” remains unchanged at number two.

American TV show “ Tia & Tamera” is in fifth place, “Lift Off,” a track on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s newly released “ Watch The Throne” album, is in eighth place, and the name of American basketball player “Carmelo Anthony” is in ninth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on August 9 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #TheHelpMovie (promoted)
  2. #WhyAreYou (unchanged)
  3. #prayforlondon (new)
  4. #riotcleanup (new)
  5. Tia & Tamera (new)
  6. Teresa May (new)
  7. Soundwave Revolution (new)
  8. Lift Off (new)
  9. Carmelo Anthony (new)
  10. Home Secretary (new)