Twitter index: tablet-themed haiku take over Twitter

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BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is encouraging Twitter users to create PlayBook-themed haiku for the chance to win a tablet with the number one topic on Twitter on the morning of April 12.

"iOS pop-ups suck // want true multitasking // Berry here I come," "apple has its minions, and/ RIM has faithful friends/ but damn Android always wins" and "Playbook in my hand? // I think that sounds like a plan. // Make my dream come true," tweet people trying to win the competition with their "#PlayBookHaiku."

"#itssadwhen" remains unchanged in second place and is joined by the hashtags "#itiswhatitis" and "#waitaminute" in third and fourth places.

WWE World Heavyweight champion "Adam Copeland" aka Edge has announced he will retire from wrestling, Twitterers are responding to Charlie Sheen's post "2:30 am Dunkin' Donuts Nothing better..!! Debate me!" and the news that "Rihanna & Britney" will collaborate on a song is still exciting young microbloggers.

"YMAN" is in eighth place and the name of English 'metalcore' band "Asking Alexandria" is in ninth position.

"Swaziland" is in tenth place as Twitterers post about the anti-government protests taking place in the Swaziland capital, Mbadane.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 12 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #PlayBookHaiku (promoted)
  2. #itssadwhen (unchanged)
  3. #itiswhatitis (new)
  4. #waitaminute (new)
  5. Adam Copeland (new)
  6. Dunkin' Donuts Nothing (new)
  7. Rihanna & Britney (unchanged)
  8. YMAN (new)
  9. Asking Alexandria (new)
  10. Swaziland (new)