Twitter index: Twitter users confess to having Obsessive Jonas Disorder, new VW Beetle

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Car manufacturer Volkswagen is getting ready to unveil its "21 Century Beetle" on the morning of April 18.

The company is promoting its NYC launch even with the first place hashtag #VWBeetle and Twitterers are keeping the term trending with enthusiastic posts like "oooooh I'm excited to see what the new #VWBeetle looks like - another icon perhaps?"

Fans of American boy band Jonas Brothers are confessing to having an "Obsessive Jonas Disorder" with the fifth place term and the shorter "OJD" in sixth place.

Microbloggers are showing their ruder side this morning with the top three hashtags, "#shutyodumbassup," "#gositinacorner" and "#youdeservetobesingle."

The shortened name of Kanye West's studio album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" aka "MBDTF" is in seventh place and the name of indie folk singer and Bon Iver frontman  "Justin Vernon" is in eighth place.

Vernon made a surprise appearance onstage at American music festival Coachella during Kanye's performance. Twitter users are commenting that the duet was "amazing."

American singer and The Strokes' vocalist "Julian Casablancas" is in ninth place and "College Dropout" is in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 18 at 7:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #VWBeetle (promoted)
  2. #shutyodumbassup (new)
  3. #gositinacorner (new)
  4. #youdeservetobesingle (new)
  5. Obsessive Jonas Disorder (new)
  6. OJD (new)
  7. MBDTF (new)
  8. Justin Vernon (new)
  9. Julian Casablancas (new)
  10. College Dropout (new)