“Now you can enjoy vaporized alcohol anytime at home or at one of your awesome parties," says Vapshot, because they know you have awesome parties

When it comes to getting hammered it seems that human ingenuity knows no bounds. 2014 has already seen the swift rise and fall of powered alcohol and now a new gadget has gone on sale that lets you literally inhale your booze: the Vapshot.

The technology to vaporize alcohol has been around for a few years now, but Vapshot’s new miniaturized version lets you enjoy breathing in vodka fumes in the comfort of your own home rather than having to track down lushes on the tube.

You simply fill the fridge-sized contraption with alcohol of your choice,  used the injector nozzle to fill a sealed bottle with a fine mist of the stuff, open the top to vaporize the liquid instantly and then suck it up through a straw.

It sounds like a recipe for disaster but Vapshot are adamant that their machine is totally safe. “Even if you consumed a Vapshot every few minutes, it is still way below the set safety levels detailed by OSHA for inhaling ethyl alcohol,” they say.

In fact, Vapshot say that the machine only delivers about 1/60 of the alcohol of a normal shot – it just feels like a lot more because the gas form means the booze enters your blood stream right through your lungs, rather than having to make that tedious journey all the way down to your intestines.

Vapshot say that the machine works best with spirits (it reportedly helps “bring out the flavour”) but it can also be used with wine. Beer, however, is a no no, as the carbonation means that the bottles are rather too messy when opened. Prices start at $699 (£412) for the white plastic finish, or $899 for the stainless steel version.