Weekly gaming videos: Angry Video Game Grinch, 'Gran Turismo 5'

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The most viewed gaming videos for the week ending December 16 include The Angry Video Game Nerd re-telling 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' and the Turkish TV commercial for Gran Turismo 5.

On Japan's Nicovideo chart, Super Mario Bros' characters are replaced by the Nohara family of Shin-chan manga and anime series fame - specifically, Shin Nohara's childish bum-baring antics.

China's Youku chart parades a celebrity-endorsed 1996 fighting game that looks like it was made in 1986, much to the amusement of commentators.

YouTube's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Angry Video Game Nerd Christmas Special 2010 (strong language) - 554,531 total views
2) Murder Your Maker (Prototype 2) - 273,819 total views
3) Batman: Arkham City teaser trailer - 322,230 total views

Dailymotion's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Gran Turismo 5 - 94,629 total views
2) Millenium TV - 437,076 total views
3) Urban Rivals Trailer - 6,338,941 total views

Youku's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) 1996 video game (???????????!) - 716,137 total views
2) SMM tournament exclusive tutorial (StarCraft II) - 491,067 total views
3) SMM Tournament Grand Final EHOME vs LGD (StarCraft II) - 588,446 total views

Nicovideo's most watched gaming videos of the week ( requires free registration)
1) Super Nohara Bros. - 610,251 total views
2) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd sexy costume tutorial - 321,761 total views
3) Zombie game Dead Rising: Episode 05 - 216,862 total views