Weekly gaming videos: 'Kinect Joy Ride,' fake 'God of War 3'

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The most watched gaming videos from around the world include Kinect Joy Ride's generous driving assists and a Chinese game's "homage" to Sony's God of War 3 for the week ending December 8.

YouTube's number one is "Kinect GEL Ride," in which uploader Geltonz comes third in a Kinect Joy Ride race without moving a muscle. The technique doesn't work for players who are standing up, as he's since proven.

The French-based Dailymotion gaming chart is topped by a trailer for World of Jean-Pierre, a Web TV series about a World of Warcraft player starting on December 15 - a week after the game's Cataclysm expansion debuts.

In China, footage from the game Fighting God of War occupied first and second place on Tudou's chart, after controversy surrounding strong similarities to God of War 3's opening cinematic.

Japan's Nicovideo has a Super Smash Bros tutorial in first place, a Dead Rising walkthrough in second, and a cinematic for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's final boss fight in third.

YouTube's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Kinect GEL Ride - 1,245,132 total views
2) Black Ops: 43-1 Team Deathmatch - 798,273 total views
3) Pagani vs Lamborghini: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - 693,468 total views

Dailymotion's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Millenium TV (World of Warcraft / Jean-Pierre) - 323,601 total views
2) Subsonic present the Racin' Pro wheel - 42,937 total views
3) Urban Rivals Trailer - 6,297,419 total views

Tudou's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Fighting God of War demo - 178,848 total views
2) Fighting God of War cinematic - 157,949 total views
3) Ryh.DarKen vs PanDa.TH000 (WarCraft III) - 127,371 total views

Nicovideo's most watched gaming videos of the week ( free registration required)
1) Super Smash Bros Classic Kingdom, Kirby tutorial - 228,125 total views
2) Zombie game Dead Rising: Episode 04 - 216,890 total views
3) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd last boss cinematic - 177,632 total views