The top free iPad application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on August 16.

1. US
PAC-MAN Lite (games)
Classic arcade game Pac Man comes to the iPad. Much like the original version players must guide their Pac Man around a maze while eating fruits to gain bonus points and avoiding ghosts and ghouls.

2. UK
PAC-MAN Lite (games)

See 'Pac Man Lite'

3. France
PAC-MAN Lite (games)

See 'Pac Man Lite'

4. Canada
PAC-MAN Lite (games)

See 'Pac Man Lite'

5. Japan
PAC-MAN Lite (games)

See 'Pac Man Lite'

6. Australia
City Story (games)

The City Story app allows users to create and customize their own city. Much like the Sims games, users can build cafes, shops, hotels and even landmarks. As the city grows in size and stature the population increases. Users can invite their Facebook friends to be their neighbors and send exclusive buildings as gifts to other players.

7. Germany
Fotopedia Heritage (travel)

Fotopedia Heritage allows users to discover all 890 of the world's heritage sites. Developed in cooperation with UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the app brings together over 20,000 images of 3000 places of interest; new pictures are frequently uploaded from photographers around the world. Users can also read more about the sites by reading descriptions provided by UNESCO and Wikipedia.

8. China
?6?? (entertainment)

?6?? ("6 cool videos" in English) is a media streaming platform and video player for the popular television network Cool 6. Users can stream entertainment, information and other resources. The large selection of videos available to stream are updated as new content is made available.

9. Italy
3B Meteo (weather)

3B Meteo ("weather" in English) provides information about predicted weather conditions up to seven days in advance. Hourly or daily weather forecasts are available in both brief and detailed formats. The app can provide weather forecasts for everywhere in Italy as well as the world's major cities.

10. Korea
??????? (books)

??????? (‘Three brothers, little pig' in English) is a Korean-language-only book aimed at children who want to learn a story and engage with the characters through the iPad. The developers suggest this could be the first of several children's books for the iPad.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.)