Weekly international iPad apps: Real Solitaire Free for iPad, Wondershare iDraft

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The top free iPad application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on July 5.

1. US
Real Solitaire Free for iPad (games)

Real Solitaire Free for iPad is an ad-supported solitaire card game app. Users can customize their experience by picking one of many wallpapers, choosing one of three scoring modes, opting for card sound effects and by choosing how they want their game to be displayed (in portrait or landscape modes).

2. UK
Doodle Buddy for iPad (productivity)

Doodle Buddy is a drawing program that lets you create with your finger(s). Users select a background, color and paintbrush size, then put one or more fingers to the screen to draw. There are also options to draw on top of pictures from the user's library, insert icons or to undo the things that have been drawn.

3. France
Wondershare iDraft (productivity)

Wondershare iDraft is a sketching app that helps you to jot down your visual ideas with your finger. Drawings are organized by "notepads" (each of which can contain unlimited sketches). Notepads can be customized by choosing a cover image from the iPad library.

4. Canada
Harbor Master HD (games)

Harbor Master HD players attempt to manage a busy harbor in this one-level game teaser. Users must have quick fingers and a good strategy to avoid onscreen collisions as they direct boats into the docks, watch them unload their cargo and send them out of the harbor again.

5. Japan
2tch (entertainment)

2tch is a Japanese Bulletin Board System (BBS) viewer that helps users navigate the 2channel (2ch) Internet forum. The app caches threads for offline viewing, provides keyword searches, saves images from the forum to the iPad, and gives users access to their 2ch bookmarks, history and image.

6. Australia
Real Solitaire Free for iPad (games)

See ‘Real Solitaire Free for iPad'

7. Germany
Wetter.com Weather HD Lite (weather)

Wetter.com Weather HD Lite is the iPad version of the German weather website wetter.com. Users can receive updated information about the weather patterns and temperature in locations of their choice. In addition the app provides information about the sunrise and sunset times, a forecast for the following six days, and weather warnings for all places in their favorites list.

8. China
???????iPad?-dfdaily News Reader for iPad (news)

???????iPad?-dfdaily News Reader for iPad is an application for Shanghai-based newspaper Oriental Morning Post. Readers can use the app to browse through updated news articles in topics such as politics, finance, metro, culture, sports and entertainment.

9. Italy
Wondershare iDraft (productivity)

See ‘Wondershare iDraft'

10. Korea
Free HD Compass (navigation)

Free HD Compass is a virtual compass application for the iPad. To successfully find north, users must lock their iPad orientation and hold the device parallel to the floor.

(*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.)