Weekly international iPhone apps: seasonal Angry Birds, Bubble Ball, Barcoo

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The top free iPhone applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on January 10.


1. USA
Angry Birds Season Free (games)

Massively popular gaming app Angry Birds get seasonal in this special free Christmas edition. As with all versions of the game, players have to launch wingless birds into various structures in order to topple the building.

2. UK
Bubble Ball (games)
A puzzle game that challenges players to get a bubble to a goal while obeying the laws of gravity. Power-ups, anti-gravity devices and other balls are also available.

3. France
Pimple Popper (games)
Basically this game involves squeezing the pimples on a virtual face - allowing players to virtually do what teenagers around the world are doing for real.

4. Canada
Bubble Ball (games)
See Bubble Ball.

5. Japan
???????? (lifestyle)
Roughly translated in English as "Six Star Divination, Hosoki Kazuko," this lifestyle app allegedly provides users with advice and guidance on their future, romantic relationships and financial situations.

6. Australia
Mr Giggle (games)
This puzzle game involves creating columns and shapes of the same color in the fewest moves and fastest time possible. According to the developers, the rules only take 20 seconds to learn.

7. Germany
Barcoo (lifestyle)
Once users have scanned the barcode of a food product this app provides them with information about that product, such as fat content, and also allows users to compare prices with similar products in other outlets. The app is capable of comparing the serial numbers of eggs to those listed as contaminated in the recent dioxin scare in Germany.

8. China
Chop Chop Ninja (games)
Players must save the emperor's daughter from danger, chopping up enemies and avoiding traps as they progress on their mission.

9. Italy
iTrap (games)
Players have to help the mouse eat all the cheese, precariously located in the trap, in the shortest time possible. If players aren't fast enough then the trap will spring shut, causing serious injury to the mouse.

10. Korea
Planner S (lifestyle)
An organizational app for the iPhone that allows users to filter the diary by "event category" or customize the background depending upon the users' tastes.