These wacky games are full of stunning graphics, great soundtracks and fun-for-all game play.

World of Goo
A beautiful soundtrack, quirky graphics, a touch of comedy and ten-finger game play make World of Goo a fun and addictive strategy game. The aim of the game is to move Goo Balls from one location to another, building complex structures that they can move along.
Price: $4.99

The Stroke of Midnight
Get lost in a Victorian-era fantasy as you uncover clues, overcome puzzles and solve mysteries. This challenging puzzle game comes wrapped in a layer of vivid 2D and 3D graphics and has a twisting storyline.
Price: free

Osmos for iPad
Physics-based "eat-'em-up" game Osmos is a Darwinistic game of survival. Players traverse a lava-lamp-like solar system, absorbing smaller beings and propelling themselves along by ejecting matter. Coupled with a "sublime ambient electronic" soundtrack and and epic out-of-this world graphics, Osmos for iPad is a gaming experience that should not be missed.
Price: $4.99

Pictureka! for iPad
This hidden objects game is crammed full of zany graphics and quirky objects. Players race against the clock or their friends to spot items on five different game boards.  
Price: $4.99

GodFinger All-Stars for iPad
Play god in this planet-building game of good and evil. Players can choose to be a kind and benevolent ruler or wreck havoc on the tiny communities with their powerful finger. GodFinger is like a futuristic version of SimCity. Players can advance their civilizations by putting their planet's inhabitants to work and controlling the natural elements to their benefit or they can use a bolt of lightning to destroy all that lies beneath them with one foul stroke of their digit.
Price: free