Ever miss the days of sitting around the table and playing board games with your family and friends? These iPad apps will remind you of the fun board games you have been missing.

The traditional family letter game, Scrabble, has been revamped for its iPad release. Scrabble for iPad lets you compete against the computer, battle against other players across the world in an online game or invite your friends over and have a real digital game of Scrabble with up to four players. Players can download the free Scrabble Tile Rack Application to keep their tiles hidden from the other players when in Party Play mode.
Price: $9.99

Shanghai Mahjong
The classic Mahjong tile game has been re-invented for the tablet with beautiful high-res graphics and customisable tile sets. Tiles are removed from the board by touching two matching tiles (that are not joined to others) with your finger. This iPhone and iPad compatible app presents players with hundreds of different layouts. Users can download additional artwork to make their background images and tile sets stand out.
Price: $2.99

Shredder Chess for iPad
While one of the more expensive Chess applications in the iTunes store, Shredder Chess for iPad offers some of the best features. The app offers a range of different levels - from easy all the way up to 12 times the strength of the computer chess world champion. Shredder Chess will also help you improve your chess skills with optional playing advice and warning messages if you are about to make a mistake.
Price: $7.99

Small World for iPad
Small World for iPad is a strategy board game where players seek to battle against all kinds of fantasy creatures to conquer more land. Players try and use their troops to take over territory owned by dwarfs, wizards, giants and other fantasy races. The game requires you to have two physical players (for the moment there is no option to play against the computer or with three or more players).
Price: $4.99

For those of you who want the option of playing lots of different board games, BoardBox offers a range of different board games in one. The app includes 15 different board games, plus gives you the option to turn off the rules so you can create your very own board games. Chess, checkers, reverse, tic tac toe, international draughts, and Xiangqi are just some of the games included the app. The only drawback is there is no option to play a computer opponent so you will have to have lots of board game playing friends around.
Price: $3.99

Also try:

Words With Friends HD
A much cheaper version of the popular Scrabble board game that has social networking integration with built in online chat messaging.
Price: $2.99

Moonlight Mahjong
Moonlight Mahjong is a virtual 3D Mahjong tile board game. The game's 3D virtual board enables players to get a better look at tiles by rotating the board and zooming in and out. The app contains 90 different board layouts (plus the ability to download additional layouts from the web). Users can also select different patterned tiles from the additional range of Alphabet, Flags and Night Tiles.
Price: $0.99