Apple will release the first major software update to its iPhone operating system, iOS 4, on Wednesday, September 8. Relaxnews takes a look inside to see what the updates mean for you.

Some of the major changes you will find in iOS 4.1 include the addition of HDR (high dynamic range) photography, a new Game Center for social gaming, iTunes TV show rentals, HD video uploads and fixes for some major bugs.

iOS 4.1 brings with it Apple's Game Center, a social gaming hub that automatically matches you with friends or strangers around the world when you want to play (selected compatible) multiplayer games.

Users in the US will be able to rent commercial-free TV shows via iTunes for 99 cents with the updated OS, and budding photographers with an iPhone 4 will be able to automatically capture HDR photos on their device and upload the high definition videos they take to YouTube or MobileMe via a WiFi connection.  

Users who have been struggling with the proximity sensor when making a call (letting their cheek decide when to end the call) will be happy to know Apple has finally addressed the issue in iOS 4.1.

iPhone 3G performance issues have also been addressed.

In May Google released its Android 2.2 OS (aka Froyo), an update which included tethering, mobile hotspot functionality, support for Flash Player 10.1, a Google Search Bar, and higher quality YouTube video viewing.

The next Android update (Gingerbread) is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Apple's iOS 4.1 is a free update. It is expected to become available for most iPhone and iPod touch devices on Wednesday September 8, however not all features are supported on all models.

Website 9to5mac has written a "complete iOS 4.1 walkthrough" if you are interested in reading more about the features available in the forthcoming update. The article can be found here:

For more information you can also head to Apple's iPhone software update page ( or watch the September 1 keynote announcing the software here: