Yours for $13,000 – the vacuum-powered gadget that makes the perfect cup of tea

Experts claim high-tech machine produced by US firm marks a turning point in tea history

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One sugar or two? Milk before tea bag? The art of tea brewing is a distinctly British pursuit and there are endless theories on the art of making the perfect cuppa.

But now a US firm has revealed what it believes is the way to making the perfect brew every time.

The Craft Brewer, made by Bkon, uses a process known as reverse atmospheric infusion to create the world’s best tea. But it comes at a price - $13,000, or £7,700, to be exact.

The machine uses a brewing chamber filled with loose tea leaves and water. Air is drawn out of the chamber to create a vacuum before negative pressure is produced within the chamber, causing the tea leaves to rise to the surface of the liquid.

This, experts say, draws out more flavour than simply dunking a tea bag in hot water.

And while fans of a good old fashioned builder’s brew might scoff at the latest piece of technology, experts say the machine heralds a new chapter in tea-making history. 

George Jage, founder of the World Tea Expo, said: “The Bkon TX is the most thrilling tea technology we’ve seen in quite some time.”

“It’s certainly a disruptive machine that finally brings the tea industry on par with the coffee industry and coffeehouses, in terms of routinely serving superior consistent-tasting drinks in a timely fashion,” he added.

Prototypes are already being tested across a number of coffee shops in the US and the machine will be available to buy later this year.