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Vladimir Kramnik regained the lead in the sixth round at Wijk aan Zee despite only drawing with White against Jan Timman. Viswanathan Anand, who began the round level with Kramnik, was beaten by Judit Polgar and slipped back to second place. There are now only two undefeated players in the tournament - the two oldest contestants, Jan Timman and Anatoly Karpov - but Karpov has also yet to win a game.

Polgar's win over Anand came as a surprise because she has a truly dreadful record in previous games against the Indian. This time, however, she outplayed him in powerful style.

The opening left White with the advantage of good knight against bad bishop, and when the knight completed its laborious trek to d5 White clearly stood better, though it was not clear how she was to increase her advantage. The breakthrough eventually came in a model display of creating activity on both wings. After 35.h4 and 36.h5 created the possibility of a K-side attack, 44.c5! opened up the other wing to let White's queen and rook infiltrate the black defences.

The end was neat; after 56.Rh8+ Kg7 57.Qd4+ Bf6 (Kf7 loses to Rh7+), White wins with 58.Qxf6+! Rxf6 59.Rh7+! Kxh7 60.Nxf6+ coming out a piece ahead.

White: Judit Polgar

Black: Viswanathan Anand

1 e4 c5 29 Qe2 Bd8

2 Nf3 d6 30 Nd5 Rc5

3 d4 cxd4 31 Qe3 Be7

4 Nxd4 Nf6 32 Rd3 Bd8

5 Nc3 a6 33 Qd2 Rc6

6 Be3 e5 34 Qd1 Kg8

7 Nf3 Be7 35 h4 Kg7

8 Bc4 0-0 36 h5 Bg5

9 0-0 Be6 37 Qf3 Rc8

10 Qe2 b5 38 Rd1 Rc6

11 Bb3 Bxb3 39 Qe2 Rc8

12 axb3 Nbd7 40 Rh1 Kg8

13 Rfd1 Qc7 41 f3 Rb8

14 Bg5 Rfc8 42 Qf2 Rb7

15 Ne1 Qb7 43 hxg6 fxg6

16 Bxf6 Nxf6 44 c5 dxc5

17 Nd5 Nxd5 45 Qxc5 Bd8

18 Rxd5 Rc5 46 Rc1 Kf7

19 Rad1 Rxd5 47 Qe3 Kg7

20 Rxd5 Rc8 48 Rc4 Rd7

21 c3 b4 49 Qc1 h5

22 c4 g6 50 Rc6 Rd6

23 g3 Rc5 51 Rc8 Qd7

24 Rd1 a5 52 Qc5 Kh6

25 Nc2 Kg7 53 Rb8 Bf6

26 Qd3 Rc6 54 Qe3+ Bg5

27 Ne3 Qc8 55 f4 exf4

28 Kg2 Qe6 56 Rh8+ resigns