The wedge, along with ankle straps and spindly heels (or desert boots and thongs, to go to the other extreme) is the big shoe look for summer. Wedges are great because they give height without forsaking comfort, although if you twist off them, your ankle may well break. This is why I wear mine with trepidation (do not attempt to wear tights with wedges, you need all the grip you can get). The Prada one here is one of the best available, but it will sell out almost immediately (for those who want it to look more Prada-esque, they also do a wedge with leafy design along the heel). No matter, the Pied a Terre one featured gets my mark for the best high-street wedge of the summer - it goes with everything, but looks especially good with capri pants.

Lime suede wedge mule, pounds 32.99, Office, 43 Kensington High Street, London W8. Mail Order/Enquiries: 0181 838 4447

Black leather wedge sandal with ankle strap, pounds 39.99, Bertie, 36 South Molton Street, London W1, and House of Fraser, Glasgow. Enquiries: 0171 935 2002

Black velvet sandal with patent wedge, pounds 115, Pied a Terre, 3 Sloane Street, London SW1, and 58 King Street, Manchester. Enquiries: 0171 491 3857

Ankle-strap wedge sandal (above and inset), from pounds 155, Prada, 43-45 Sloane Street, London SW1, 0171 235 0008

Brown leather/suede mule, pounds 129, Pied a Terre, as before

Beige leather woven wedge mule, pounds 49.99, Jones Bootmakers, 15 Fouberts Place, London W1, and 72 Briggate, Leeds. Freephone 0800 163519

Brown nubuck mule, pounds 95.50, Russell & Bromley, 24-25 New Bond Street, London W1 and selected branches nationwide. Enquiries: 0171 629 6903