At the end of the first week's work I ever did, I took home pounds 60.17. I had always wanted my own pair of men's pyjamas (I think this stemmed from the fact that as a small thing, I used to insist on wearing my father's pyjamas when he went away because they smelt of him) and so I trotted off to Selfridges and bought a pair of red flannel Derek Rose jim-jams in the largest size I could buy. They cost me pounds 25, and 12 years later I still have them (though they're not as big on me as they once were). Trends have dictated that we wear all sorts of things in bed: maribou trim teddies, yukky yoked flouncy nightdresses or stupid oversized T-shirts with 3-D elephant's ears. But nothing beats a classic pair of pyjamas. Our photographer went to New York and persuaded various people on the street to model a range of styles during one of the coldest winters on record.

Susan Yacavone, computer trainer, wears white cotton self-striped pyjamas, pounds 56.50, Bonsoir, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1 and Selfridges, Oxford St, W1, inquiries: 0171-734 3742. `I don't normally wear pyjamas to bed, but I do wear them lounging around the house to stay warm and be snuggly. I sleep in a T-shirt. I've never seen my husband in pyjamas, but I imagine he'd look cute.'

Vern Ford, graphic designer, wears blue satin striped cotton pyjamas, pounds 89, Derek Rose from Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1, inquiries: 0171- 434 3482. `I wear pyjama bottoms during the winter when it's cold in our house. Wearing a matching set like this makes me feel like I'm in a prison uniform.'

Above: Wendy Howard, mother, wears white linen pyjamas, pounds 185, Margaret Howell, 29 Beauchamp Place, London SW3, tel: 0171-584 2462. `I normally just wear old T-shirts to bed. They're as comfortable as a second skin. I like the freedom I get with a T-shirt - pyjamas are a bit too constricting for me.'

Left (and cover): Hillary Rosner, journalist, wears white cotton nightshirt, pounds 34.50, Muji, 26 Gt Marlborough St, London W1 and branches (inquiries: 0171-494 1197). `I live in a big loft that's hard to heat so it's always cold. When I wear pyjamas I never bother to match the tops and bottoms, I just throw them on. I generally don't wear long nightshirts in bed because I get tangled up in them. I have enough trouble as it is with the sheets.'

Damion Clayton, student, wears white cotton pyjamas, pounds 39.50, Muji as before. `I sleep in boxer shorts unless it's really cold, then I resort to flannel PJs. I tend to grab whatever's closest, which usually means something belonging to my girlfriend. Sometimes in the winter I wear a woolly hat to bed. I never sleep in socks, though.'

Jennifer Leitzes, television director, wears blue and red check pyjamas, pounds 80, Bonsoir as before. `I love pyjamas; I think they are so much sexier on women than lingerie. I defy any man to disagree. Well, I suppose most would disagree, but you wouldn't catch me going out with anyone who did.'