The North: Studying in the North is a chance to experience beautiful scenery and a vibrant culture. By Chris Brown
In terms of economic statistics there is no doubt that a north/south divide exists in the UK. But that is where the divide ends. For the north of England matches and often surpasses anything the rest of the country can provide in terms of quality and enjoyment of life.

The region is home to some of the greatest universities and colleges in the country, offering the widest variety of courses to the widest variety of student.

The cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle offer students a vibrant and energetic culture. They are home to some of the most innovative contemporary music, theatre, arts and nightlife - and the atmosphere, night and day, will ensure that you are never tired of life as a student.

Outside the major cities, the likes of Chester, Bradford, Lancaster, York, and others, offer strong communities, friendly environments, and easy access to all parts of the region.

The North boasts some of the most stunning scenery in Britain. The Lake District is a mecca for those wanting to escape the rigours of city life and lose themselves in natural beauty. Indeed, wherever you are, you are never more than a few miles from the most glorious scenery.

The lower cost of living in the North means that your cash goes further, so students can afford to be students and enjoy themselves even more. Especially as the majority of people that make up the cities and communities of the North are richer in heart and soul than many give credit for.

So, for all those who still believe it, it is NOT grim up north! This supplement will introduce you to the intense variety of culture, sport and leisure pursuits, job opportunities, and entertainments in the north of England. Not to mention the world-class academic facilities available to budding students. As any northerner - as well as those who have lived and studied there - will tell you, life is best north of the Watford Gap.