Planet in Coventry is superb, simply because of its size and variety. Five bars with drinks at student union prices, a bar-bistro and an excellent gig venue. Not bad for a rather dull place like Coventry.

In Birmingham you can dance all night at Wobble on Saturday and Crunch on Sunday. Coolest nightclubs are the Que Club and Bonds.

The University of Warwick has an excellent nightclub on campus, The Cooler. Some nights there are different events held in the different areas - some nights the entire union is given over to the same event.

In Hanley in Stoke, the best nightclub is widely reckoned to be the Void. Top DJs come up from London to play here.

For a good old-fashioned pub you can't beat The Hibernian in Stirchley in Birmingham. Beer is relatively cheap, it is quite big and it is where lots of people meet before they hit the clubs and then the balti restaurants ...

In Nottingham, the club Beatroot has an excellent reputation. Rock City is a great band venue.

In Derby look no further than Pink Coconut in the city which has a student night called Bonk.