Film studio Warner Bros. and toy manufacturer Mattel will debut a new line of action toys based on the upcoming film Green Lantern at the American Toy Fair in New York from February 13-16.

Green Lantern, due to be released on June 17 in North America by Warner Bros. tells the story of extraterrestrial keepers of the peace - the Green Lanterns , who draw their powers from "Green Lantern Rings" - and the Green Lanterns'   first ever human recruit Hal Jordan and their efforts to save the earth from destruction by the evil enemy Parallax.

In a joint January 25 press release Mattel and Warner Bros. announced the launch of a range of Green Lantern toys at the American Toy Fair. The range of Green Lantern Toys from Mattel includes the Green Lantern Ring Blast , Jet Figure and Vehicle , Green Lantern Battle Shifters figurines, along with play sets and associated games. Each basic action figure also comes with a Green Lantern ring for the child to wear.

Other Green Lantern merchandising licensees include Rubies - which will produce a range of Green Lantern costumes; the Noble Collection - manufacturers of high-end Green Lantern replicas; and NECA, which produces a Green Lantern Projection Ring and other accessories.

Toys inspired by film franchises continue to be popular: Lego's Hogwarts Castle inspired by the Harry Potter films and Hasbro's Electronic Lightsaber from the Star Wars series were both voted among the "Best New Toys" of 2011 at the Toy Fair in London, January 25-27.

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