Nose hair? Back hair? Razor rash? Banish these pesky beauty problems at a place which specialises in traditional men's grooming. Not only will these problems be mundane to staff who've seen everything, but the lavish pampering you'll receive will make you realise what's been missing from your life.

Eggison Daniel 23 Berkeley St W1 (071-495 7777) Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm/Sat 8.30am-5.30pm

This is a high-gloss 20th century men's emporium with art exhibited on the walls. While they can do a wet shave if requested, they're really a posh men's hairdressers - Trumper's meet Toni and Guy.

'We cater for the discerning man who wants a haircut as an investment,' says co-owner Trevor Daniel, who boasts that the salon's haircuts last from six to eight weeks. A haircut means a consultation where your hair, lifestyle and sense of dress is discussed before you slip into a men's cubicle to remove your shirt and tie and don a gown.

Cutting is high precision work by the ex-Sassoon team, followed by a rinse, a hot wet towel, and a splash of Czeakespeak cologne. Prices for haircuts range from pounds 26-pounds 35 depending on extras. Tinting and perming can also be done. A standard manicure is pounds 10 (no pedicures).

While they plan to introduce facials, massages and other traditional men's services, for now they only sell an assortment of men's grooming accessories like shaving brushes and washbags.

Headway Gentleman's Hairdressing Claridges Hotel, Brooke St W1 (071-629 5596) Mon-Fri 9am-6pm/Sat 9am-1pm

With old black leather chairs imported from America in the Twenties and staff who quaintly answer to Mr Miles, Mr Roy and Mr Ken, the men's salon at Claridges harks back to an era when men smelt sweeter and looked spiffier than most women do today.

Treat yourself to a wet shave with Claridges famous almond or rose shaving cream (pounds 4 a pot), a hot towel and their delicious Portugal cologne (pounds 4 a bottle), for pounds 10. For pounds 20 you get a facial massage with a special machine and various moisturising potions.

Haircuts are extremely reasonable and a basic cut costs pounds 11. A shampoo and cut costs pounds 14 and a shampoo, cut and blue rinse (to get rid of yellowing hair) costs pounds 15. Trimming of nasal and ear hair is included in the price of all hair cuts.

Men with particularly bushy backs can be clipped down and shaved on the premises, though for a real baby's bottom look, waxing at a women's salon is suggested. Manicures include trimming cuticles, a handcream massage and nail buffing with a chamois buffer (pounds 10). Pedicures (pounds 20) include a foot soak, hard skin removed, an oil massage and nail trimming.

Truefitt and Hill Gentlemen's Grooming, 72 St James's St SW1 (071-493 2961) Mon-Fri 9am-5pm/Sat 9am-12.30pm

Established in 1805, this luxurious barber shop is the oldest traditional men's barber in London, and boasts an old boys clientele which includes Winston Churchill, Prince Charles and Sir John Mills.

While they do the standard manicure (pounds 8) and pedicure (pounds 16), they mainly cut hair (pounds 19.50 plus shampoo and blow dry) and trim beards (pounds 10).

A hair cut is usually preceded by 'friction (pounds 4.90) - a three-minute head massage with astringent spirits and then dressing oils to stimulate the scalp. Moustache, ear and nose hair trimming is included in the price. They don't do back hair.

Michael at The Savoy The Strand WC2 (071-379 3009) Mon-Sat 9am-6pm

The Savoy has another well-established barber shop, which is decorated with art deco elegance.

Its most popular service is the full facial (pounds 35). Another specialist service is back waxing (pounds 35) which involves full removal of all back hair.

Manicures (pounds 9) and pedicures (pounds 20) are also available as well as a wet shave with a new razor (pounds 12.50). Hair cuts start at pounds 12.50 for a dry cut.

Geo. F Trumper 9 Curzon St Mayfair W1 (071-499 1850) Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm Sat 9am-1pm

Trumper's is legendary among traditional salons. With 12 mahogany private booths where barbers and customers talk privately in hushed tones, and a huge range of male accessories displayed for sale on its dark walls, it still has a Victorian men's world atmosphere about it.

Services include luxurious manicures (pounds 8) and pedicures (pounds 15) as well as haircutting (from pounds 12), friction (from pounds 5.50) and arranging for hair pieces to be made up for men with thinning hair.

Beard and moustache trimming are not, as with other salons, included in the price of a haircut (though nose and ear hair trimming are). Moustache curling (from pounds 3) is a speciality.

Back waxing is not a service because 'the men who come to us are real men'.

Real men can have lavish facials and face massages, however; an old fashioned wet shave with a cut-throat razor, sharpened on a leather strop, is avail-able from pounds 11. A treat for Iron Johns.

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