Add these for a healthy Easter basket

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Recreate the Easter basket tradition or start a new one with your family to make Easter, this year on April 4, not just about heaping amounts of chocolate, marshmallow Peeps and jellybeans.

Of course that doesn't mean you shouldn't include some of your child's favorites but curtail the amount and highlight healthier gifts. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what might make this year's basket extra special and healthful:

 - Fill plastic eggs with dried fruits, nuts, jellybeans and dark chocolate (70% cocoa) bits

 - Add tiny inspired gifts: a favorite book, maybe an iTunes gift card for a few applications, music or family film to download

 - Think spring fitness: a new jump rope, ball, bat, dance shoes or even a hula-hoop

 - Get ready for summer: colorful flip-flops and bathing suit

 - Playtime and games: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jacks, memory, card

 - Incorporate freshly dyed Easter eggs that make for healthy hardboiled egg snacks and additions to salads and sandwiches

Color and whimsy will have your little ones forgetting about the oversized chocolate bunny this Easter.